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Digital Marketing Careers for US & Canada-Based Employees

An expanding staffing agency and a thriving marketing agency are bonding together to connect skilled marketing and sales professionals with rewarding remote careers! Coldbrook Publishing is proud to become the newest Canadian-based branch of CGI Digital. Since 2010, Coldbrook Publishing has been providing staffing services and, more recently, has seen unprecedented growth.

Now residing under the CGI umbrella along with its sister company, Network Communications, Coldbrook Publishing’s focus is on helping young professionals start their careers with a thriving digital marketing agency!

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What is CGI Digital?

CGI Digital is a digital marketing agency headquartered in Rochester, NY, with satellite offices throughout the United States. The company is dedicated to serving small to medium-sized businesses with their marketing efforts through website development, digital advertising, video production, and more. With an emphasis on evolution and care, the clients and employees benefit with every step forward CGI makes.

Other Facets of CGI Digital

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Rewarding environment and promoting small businesses in Saint-Alphonse-de-Granby QC

Making a Difference Within Communities

Coldbrook Publishing is dedicated to matching remote workers with career opportunities, while CGI Digital is dedicated to cultivating a rewarding remote work environment and promoting small businesses. CGI cares for small to medium-sized communities and the businesses within them, some of which have been around for decades! The people at CGI recognize that these businesses are what make the world go round. They give a digital voice to the family restaurant on Main Street, the local hardware store, the service-based businesses, and the community as a whole.

A Culture of Care

Benefits of Working With CGI Digital!

Caring for its clients and employees is one of CGI’s core values. Employees are set up for success through an educational onboarding process, a mentorship program, and endless opportunities for growth. Employees also always have something collaborative to look forward to – whether team bonding events, volunteering, and more!


Remote & Collaborative

However, we recognize the social significance of being in the office; therefore, employees in Rochester, NY, are encouraged to come into the office for meetings and team bonding events.


Ensured Health & Future

CGI Digital provides comprehensive health insurance coverage, is vested in employees’ 401ks, and has a partnership with SpringHealth to offer free mental health services. This is all tied into the company’s all-encompassing culture of care.

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CGI Digital is proud to offer employment to remote workers in the United States and Canada! Although spread far and wide, the team is a tight-knit community where all perspectives are welcomed and respected. If you are interested in joining an expanding digital marketing team where you have the freedom to work remotely but still be a part of a collaborative environment, view the current openings and apply today!

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